Thursday, August 23, 2007

Things I Don't Get # 386

Grumpy people.

I really don't get grumpy people. Look - we all have moments when our panties get in a bunch, but overall, none of us (and by us, I mean me and those of you whom fall into the same demographic as moi) have it so rough that we have any reason to be consistently irritated and downright grumpy.

We have roofs over our heads. Clean drinking water. Obscene luxuries like built-in Bluetooth in our cars. We have indoor plumbing and the means to watch Big Brother After Dark on Showtime Too. We have laptops and iPods and leftover Pizza Hut in the fridge. Decent bottles of Sauvingon Blanc and Viognier in our wine racks. We spend $4 on coffee. COFFEE! Don't get me wrong - it's not all champagne wishes and caviar dreams. Cars break down. Hard drives crash. People get fired. Friendships end. Illness occurs. But in the great big scheme of life, that stuff is just that - life. The little nuggets of sh*t amongst the plethora of good. Yeah, that's right - the plethora of GOOD.

And yet some of us are still grumpy... All. The. Time.

Just, like, stay inside until you can come out and play nicely.

I mean it.


"The D" said...

Yea grummpy people suck.

GAH they make me so ANGRY!!


emawkc said...

My panties never get into a bunch, even when my hard drive crashes.

My secret? I never wear underwear.

Doc said...

reaaaally bad day at work?

; ' )