Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Things I Don't Get #346

People who can poo in public restrooms like it's no big deal. I have public poo stage fright. I've been known to go home at lunch if the moment arises. I can't handle the idea of someone sitting three feet away from me, separated only by a metal stall, while I have a bowel movement. I also fear ridicule if there is a stink or a loud plop. Or a fart for that matter. Lord knows that a plop or a fart coming from another stall will send me into a fit of elementary school style giggles. And stink will send me into a gagging fit.

Who knew that poo could be so complicated?


Doc said...

....er, you weren't by any chance raised Catholic, were you?

; ' )

Chimpo said...

I normally play cell phone games or read an article while using the work restroom. I have also been known to compete in a game of Battleshits once or twice with an anonymous stall buddy.

Andy said...

girls dont poop??? right???
shea...i FINALLY figured out what the heck your comment meant!! LMAO..i was thinking "oh no, who died in a traffic accident??"

Heidi said...

It totally weirds me out too. But I've found recently that I just don't care and when nature calls I must GO! (I figure I won't see those people again any way)

Pooing at work - whole other story!

John said...

i prefer to use chelsea handler's term of shuhdoobie to describe poo.

and i don't have a problem with it...until the guy next to me starts to go. ugh, it's so gross.

Erik said...

I don't mind so much... I'm getting paid to catch up on the news using my VCast phone. As long as the air is fresh when I walk in, I'm all for it.

Read once on a penny pincher's website, that she trained her family to have their bowel movements at school and work, so they could save on the cost of TP. Now THAT is a little extreme, but as Heidi said, when nature calls, take care of it... or we'll start calling you sh!tbrick.

Susan said...

I can not, can not go number 2 in a public restroom. Nature calling or not, I cannot do it. Not will not, can not. It won't happen. Its like a shy bladder but with your booty.

Laura said...

Ugh - I hate when I'm at work and I have to go. I live too far to go home, so sometimes I have to wait it out...so painful! Or lunchtime is good, when no one is around - get in and out without anyone noticing :)

One guy at work fell asleep while on the toilet once...that's the rumor anyway. There's another guy that always brings a newspaper into the bathroom, so you always know what he's up to. I have to remember never to read the paper in his office...yuck!