Monday, August 27, 2007


Somehow, someone at MTV Canada knew that I was a compadre.

And they sent me a bunch of swag!!! YAY!!! I love free things!

In case you were curious, my care package from MTV includes: Season 2 of The Hills on DVD, MTV stickers, MTV temporary tattoos (hilarious), a keychain, a lei, and three "lip butters."


Erik said...

Those MTV lion/crest stickers rock! I haven't watched MTV in like 10 years, but I would sport one of those on my truck. Wonder where I could get one...

Shicho said...

"lip butter"


Cam said...

They must have been so honored to know that if you were a country you would be Canada and decided to send you a care package to show their support.

Heidi said...

Sweet score!

So, a little off the subject but I have to discuss Lauren winning last night on the Teen choice awards...(hopefully you watched). First, it appeared that Lauren was obviously NOT paying any attention when they announced she had won and second, her speech was er, not even a whole sentence. Strange. Not sure if that means she is endearing and humble or a total flake.... funny nonetheless.

I dream about the days I used to have MTV. The Hills was my secret reality addiction. :-)