Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The Rusty Anchor

I have just finished up four days at the Delta Gamma house here in the 'ta where I helped with all things sorority. I haven't been an active alum for years, but got back into it this year when I received an invitation to the Founder's Day brunch and thought, "Aw, hell. Why not?" And then I took an office and made a bunch of new friends. I've always teased Martine that she is the most expensive friend I've ever had. We met during recruitment and became fast friends during our semester as "new members." And then came the poverty when the financial aid checks went to things like pizza and satellite TV and a shopping spree or two at the Gap outlet. Anyway, with the addition of cool new DG friends, Martine's price tag has gone down a bit. She's still my favorite though.

So after being immersed in DG stuff (I wish I were kidding when I say I braided 46 friendship bracelets. It's embarrassing, but true...) pretty much non-stop, I have finally returned to my normal life of work, Jazzercise, Pug, naps, shopping, reality TV and regular blogging.



Martine said...

:) You're still my most expensive friend, but well worth the money.

Laura said...

How funny - my hubby just glanced at my computer screen and asked "what's the Fusty anchor", and I said,"hmm, don't know"...then it dawned on me. Yes, I was a sorority girl too.

Laura said...

Oops, typo. Not Fusty - Rusty...haha.