Tuesday, August 7, 2007


The updated plan goes a little something like this:
  1. Take Beetle to have A/C serviced by nice, if not slightly crazy, men at small, independent VW shop in seriously sketchy and hood-like part of town because Mike Steven Volkswagen, the local dealer, is working for Satan. Try not to pass out from heat exhaustion on way there.
  2. Avoid car shopping for a night, no matter how strong desire may be. Even though real reason avoidance is occurring is because car will be at shop, thus no method of transportation will be available.
  3. Dream of new car incessantly.
  4. Read edmunds.com incessantly (though obviously not at work because that would make Really Cool Boss unhappy).
  5. Pray that cost of repairing air conditioning falls more into the "two hundred bucks" range than the "one thousand bucks" range.
  6. Test drive Nissan Versa and maybe check the Mazda 3 again. And the Scion. And maybe the Prius, which I can't afford, but want to drive again just because I loved it so very much.
  7. Buy new car.
  8. Stop being obsessive.
  9. Find new thing to obsess over. Preferably something less costly.

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