Wednesday, August 1, 2007

The Next 5 Songs on my iPod

These literally are the next five songs on my iPod. Unfortunately, even with hot tunes like these bad boys, my day is totally dragging.
  1. Fire and Rain - James Taylor

  2. This is a Forgery - Dashboard Confessional

  3. Rock With You - Michael Jackson

  4. Warehouse (Live) - Dave Matthews Band

  5. Right Here Waiting - Richard Marx

Number 5 was our senior ball song in high school. HOT.


Cam said...

That was OUR Sr. ball song? Are you sure? I remember "Truly Madly Deeply" for Jr. Prom but I though we chose something equally as cheesy for Sr. Ball.

Midwest Valley Girl said...

I just can't stand the pic of richard marx. Please I beg of you, take it down. Did I actually listen to him?? I can't believe it! Tell me it isn't true. And I actually went to one his concerts?? Thank goodness it was free.