Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Love It

Feel like a trip back to 1993? Go check out this post on Go Fug Yourself. Hilarity ensues.

It brings back nostalgia for my youth just like this one (Jessica was always my favorite twin) and, well, this one, largely for its reference to David Silver singing "You're so precious to me..."

Of course, I wasn't really allowed to read Sweet Valley High books cause they were kinda raunchy for a 13 year old (but I managed to read them anyway) and I had to sneak episodes of 90210 at friends' houses, but made up for it the summer after my senior year when I watched EVERY SINGLE EPISODE because they lived on forever thanks to syndication - twice a day on TBS!


kelli said...

Ok, so talk about shame...I STILL watch 90210 on the SOAP Channel!!

Frantastic said...

Did you forget that your MOTHER occasionally reads this? Oh, where did I go wrong?!