Monday, August 6, 2007

Get Outta My Dreams and Into My Car....

The A/C in the Beetle went out last week. Let me tell you how joyful I was feeling over that one since I live in Kansas it's effing AUGUST!

Logical Shea was like, "Well, whatever.... I've already put over a thousand bucks in the Bug in the last two months. I'll just cough up a few hundred more and suck it up."

But completely illogical, impulsive, Ridiculous Shea (the one who wins most of the time) was like, "Uh, maybe I'll just get a new car." I blame this on The Mentee and The Boss who sort of convinced me of the idea over lunch and once I get something in my head like this, I'm done for (examples- The Pug, The Ex, moving to LA, buying the Beetle...).

So I actually went car shopping today. I didn't buy anything. Sometimes when I do crazy sh*t like this, I think that I should just go through with it to confirm the aforementioned craziness. But Logical Shea actually took over and I walked my crazy self out of the dealership and got into the hot as balls Beetle and drove home.

Of course, now the seed is planted and I give myself two months before I'm cruising around the 'ta in a new ride.

(Complete sidenote: Martine, who the heck are half of these jokers on General Hospital now? I just tuned in for the first time in probably a year and I might need some GH tutoring, Bishop's Court style...)


Erin said...

You have to ignore the Mentee and Boss! Mentee is broke & wants to live vicarious, the Boss has money & thinks everyone else does - at least, when my car was ready to explode, my boss didn't get why I didn't just buy a brand new one.

Martine said...

GH has made some changes. It's been good though... call me I will do the entertaining explainations and you will laugh uncontrolably.

Laura said...

I had a Rabbit which I replace with a Jetta, and after thousands of dollars repairing the Jetta, I vowed never to buy a VW again.

I'm probably not helping your situation, but I say get a new car. It was the best thing I ever did. I only had the Jetta for 2 years before I got rid of it. I was going broke. I got a Mustang and never once had a problem. I only traded it in after 5 years because it's not a baby car :)