Sunday, August 19, 2007

A few kind of amazing things...

1. Did you know that bars in Kansas City, Mo. are open until 3 am? Craziness!

2. I spent my belated birthday gift card to Sephora (thanks Big Sis) and got the worlds largest bottle of Marc Jacobs cucumber eau de toilette. It smells heavenly.

3. Because I've been rather culturally deprived, I spent some time at the Nelson-Atkins museum doing the audio tour thing and checking out the new Bloch building. It was really cool.

4. I experienced the nightlife in Westport, which knocks Wichita's Old Town clear out of the water. Not that there was any question...

5. I enjoyed brunch this morning at McCormick & Schmick. It was delish.

All and all, my random KC getaway has been excellent- lots of pampering (pedicure), yummy eats, Boulevard beer, good shopping, a comfy hotel bed and drive time in my new car!


supergirlest said...

hello! found you via docz place!

thanks for the lovely tip this afternoon. :)

i'm from california originally too!

Doc said...

Shea -

Okay, next time YOU wait upstairs and I'll wait DOWNSTAIRS...oh - and The 'D' cab be an hour late.

; ' )

It was great meeting you: keep Wichta in line, you hear?

Erin said...

Sorry I didn't make it Sunday, sounds like you had a great time in KC.

Janet said...

Sounds fun!

John said...

sorry we didn't make it sunday! we'll definitely have to catch up the next time you're here or we're in wichita (although we're usually there on our way to dallas).

and i think it was about 5 years ago (coincidence that's when shay moved here?) that i decided i'd had enough of missouri bars and 1 am was plenty late enough for me, i.e. kansas had my number. glad you had a good time though!

Midwest Valley Girl said...

Shea I'm so hurt. We discovered the 3am thing last October at that really cool Irish pub place. member? and we wimped out before that was actually kind of funny. we'll totally have to try it again some time. I'm glad you had a good time. You deserved it!