Monday, August 6, 2007

Blogger... Integrity?

Is that an oxymoron?

I can assure you that there is less of a code of ethics when it comes to blogging than in, say, actual, like, journalism. For instance, check out any celeb blog (mine included) and tell me that bloggers aren't absolute whores for free stuff. I'm guilty as charged on that one. MTV will from time to time offer up some sort of swag for blogging about their shows. And because my job is to blog about their shows anyway, why shouldn't I get a free My Super Sweet 16 tank? Of course, this is all in the context of the blog world where there are no rules and anything goes and, no, most bloggers aren't making the big bucks (Perez excluded).

But that's on the professional side. So let's talk personal. How many of us have overshared and then realized that someone (or multiple someones) who we never would have expected to stumble upon The Blog, have, in fact, stumbled right to it? Show of hands? Ok, so if you've been doing this awhile, you are fully aware that what you write out there on the WWW is highly likely to come back and bite you in the ass. Let's face it... We all take precautions. We come up with clever aliases for those who we wish to remain anonymous. We follow the cardinal blogging rule of never, ever, under any circumstances discussing work unless it is in tiny blurbs about how much you love your job/boss/company, etc. Of course, you never give details. And then there are the majority of bloggers (not counting yours truly) who refrain from discussing romantic details because if anything is going to take a big chunk out of your rear end, that would be it. Of course, I will even say that I tend to over-dramatize (hello - makes for more interesting reading) and leave out details that I either don't want to elaborate on or don't want the world to comment about.

But I think at the end of the day, when we start to break some of our steadfast blogging rules, we do it because it's our little rebellious way of having our tiny voice out there. And the catch is that you have to own it. You gotta be able to say, "Yeah, I said that. And I meant it. And if so and so happens to get clever with Google, they're gonna find it. And I'm ok with that."

In the oversaturated blogging world, you might as well be yourself and write from the heart. Otherwise, what's the point of blogs? Well, other than giving you the opportunity to gawk at scary pictures of Britney without her drawers on. I mean, look at Dooce. That lady has balls. She's careful, but she puts herself all the way out there for the world to relate to, judge, like, dislike, admire, laugh at, laugh with...

So if you're gonna be a blogger, you might as well do it with some cajones. Even if it's only every once and awhile.


BlogginBizatch said...

I had this happen to me. When I first started blogging I had received an email from one of my longest childhood friends, and used it for blog fodder. I pasted her email and added my personal thoughts which were pretty terrbile. A year had gone by and I guess by googling her first name BAM! Needless to say she was so rightfully pissed and we've never talked again. Oops! BTW, I haven't commented lately, but glad to see you are back. I've kinda been on a hiatus myself.

Dan said...

Amen, I learned that lesson the hard way.

Remember "Buffalo Sue"? Well, because of her my blogging career came to an abrupt end lol. Ironically, I became a legend at work. I was pulled into my managers office and told I was a talented writer. To this day I still get asked about that dumb story.

I agree, we should be honest and true with what we write. Blogging is excellent therapy. I miss it.