Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Amber the Crier

So my addiction to Big Brother 8 is pretty strong. Strong enough that I've actually spent a significant amount of time watching Big Brother After Dark on Showtime, which basically amounts to watching other people play beer pong and whisper to each about strategy for hours on end.

While Dick and Danielle are the most obvious houseguests to hate on, I find myself more often laughing at Amber, who cries every five minutes (with like the most awful ugly cry ever - one that she will surely regret when she is finally out of the house and gets to watch her many scrunchy-faced moments), tells everyone she loves them, has crazy visions sent from God and, more amusingly, has absolutely no grasp of the English language.


Shayna said...

amber is a waste of time. i loved the segment on the cbs broadcast the other night where amber would say "what's the peanut gallery?", "what's blah blah". she needs to go. also, i can't wait to see thursday's episode and watch the jen thing go down. we are totally addicted. for some reason i love jessica and eric.

carrie said...

me too.
share the amber hate.
stupid big brother.