Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Why I Hate Fireworks, Part 2

A man is lighting fireworks in the parking lot right next to my apartment. At 10 pm. On a Tuesday. Tuesday, July 3rd, for that matter. Wait another day please, sir. I literally went out there in my underwear and yelled at him. 1. It's late. 2. You're 45 years old, standing in an apartment parking lot lighting fireworks on your own. 3. Not everyone wants to hear you blow up $300 of your hard-earned money. 4. I'll call security on your ass if you keep this up.


Wichi Dude said...

On your 4 points: I agree, I agree, I agree, and I agree. (especially #4)

Now THAT would have been worth watching. Call us next time so we can enjoy the show, would you?

Aaron said...

Your underwear, huh? I kinda would have liked to have seen that.

PS I feel ya on the whole fireworks thing...if only they weren't so damn pretty. I have a fascination for sparkly things.