Wednesday, July 18, 2007

My Mentee

A month or so ago, something rather exciting happened at work. We got an intern. Yes, an intern. Which is pretty great on many levels, including that I can dump menial tasks on him without feeling guilty.

But even better is the fact that he's a really great kid - ridiculously smart, funny, cute, and incredibly kind. In fact, were I six years younger, I would totally be crushing on him.

Interns here at the corporate office of Really Big Company, Inc. are paired up with mentors. And my boss decided that I would make a good mentor and he knew that I would take great delight in molding the fragile mind of one of America's youth. He might be regretting that now...

The Intern and I have become fast friends and co-conspirators, not to mention cube-mates (he's my first!). He calls me "Mentoir" (mentor with a French twist because, as he said it, "Mentor sounds too masculine and you like fashion and that's kinda French") and I call him "Mentee."

We set up meeting requests to do things like discuss where we're going to lunch or if we need to have a heart to heart (or "H to H") to deal with office drama. I help him with his intern project, which is a fantastic marketing project that they've assigned to science and accounting interns. So his science brain and my marketing brain work together to come up with some pretty cool ideas. He puts up with my girl talk and communicating via song lyrics. Sung, of course. He's dealt with my jazzercise performances and faux tap dance and incessant throwing of random office supplies at his back, balloon tossing, snorting when I laugh, general craziness and the occasional playing with my dancing hamster.

Best compliement ever - when he pulled me aside for an H to H right after I had a particularly rough day because I felt picked on for being different. And by different, I mean that I'm outgoing, kinda goofy and have more pizazz than most of my co-workers. He told me that he was proud of me for always being myself and being fun and silly in an office full of non-sillys. He said that I make him look forward to coming to work each day and I'm easy to work with. I even remind him of his older sisters. And that he and I should always have open communication and tell each other what we think. And he likes being my mentee.

Greatest. Feeling. Ever.

I told him that he made my day. Then I said something about warm fuzzies and he rolled his eyes and got back to work.

Being a mentor pretty much kicks ass.


Erin said...

It kicks ass until they reject you.

"The D" said...

He's totally crushin' on you. Is this your first office romamce?

Shea said...

He is so NOT crushing on me, D!

Heidi said...

Our interns at work suck! Punks actually.

Glad to hear that some are enjoyable.

Cam said...

Can we get a picture posted of Mentee?