Sunday, July 22, 2007

I Want Charles in Charge of Me

So there's a new show on VH1 called Scott Baio is 45... and Single. And I find it hilarious for a multitude of reasons.

First, it's a reality show about Scott Baio. SCOTT FREAKIN' BAIO!

Second, Scott is 45 and single and afraid of commitment and is a compulsive cheater. And he's on TV admitting this.

Third, Jason Hervey is one of his best friends. You may remember Jason from The Wonder Years where he played Kevin's jerky older brother, Wayne. We also share the same birthday, along with Candace Cameron of Full House fame.

Fourth, one of Scott's assignments from a life coach he has hired to help him straighten himself out is to reconcile with old girlfriends to find out what went wrong and to apologize to them for any wrongdoing. This includes girlfriends like Julie McCullough, best known as Mike Seaver's girlfriend, Julie Costello, on Growing Pains. She was the girlfriend who was also Chrissy's nanny and the Seavers took her on a cruise.

I have no idea how I know/remember all of these completely useless facts. I can't remember the plot of a movie that I saw two months ago, yet I can recall an entire Growing Pains story line (and the theme song in its entirety).

Nonetheless, Scott Baio is 45... and Single is my new guilty pleasure of the summer. At least until The Hills returns.


Kristine said...

Ugh, now I've got the Growing Pains theme song going through my head.
:/ Do you feel as sorry for Scott's girlfriend as I do for him doing this show?

Sizzle Pizzle said...

i can't believe how hot i still think scott is...

i love the show, too.

"The D" said...

Scott has commitment issues. He gives all us awesome dudes a bad name. As President of the Kansas City Dudes of Awesomeness Club (KCDAC) I am going to have to revoke his membership, unless he gets a clue.

jdunn said...

i can't remember how i stumbled on your blog, it had something to do with trader joe's. anyway, you're like my wife's twin. she's from san mateo and watches/engages in the same activities. except she doesn't finish the glass of sauvignon i pour, she has a few sips then leaves it somewhere for me to pick up. her page is

johnny makes me mad. a good friend supports his buddy's decision to get hitched, not say he's going to make sure he cheats on his girl. what a yutz.

Aaron said...

"Show me that smile again..."

I totally love how you get me. lol. I think you are the only person other than me that remembers useless information like that...even the actors' names. :)

On a totally random Charles note...Nicole Eggert is foxy.

Anonymous said...

All I'm gunna say is....eeeeewwwwWWWWWW!


I'm shocked little sis. You can do better than that!

I need to visit really soon. We need to talk!

HM said...

It looks like you are out of luck with Scott until after December since he and his girl of the moment, Renee Sloan, are said to be expecting:

Renee will turn 35 the day before Christmas......she has a 17 year old daughter??? God bless Tennessee!

What amazes me about Baio on the show is how unbelievably self-centered he is. He is in with the pre-schoolers -- he ignores them while he makes HIS paper house. They go into the next room, HE takes the sleep mat and has the little girl lie down on the floor!! Wow.