Monday, July 16, 2007

Guess What Time it Is?

Time for a midly (yes, midly, not mildly) drunken post! Woot!

So in my short, three year span of life in Wichita, I've managed to make some pretty awesome friends. Including the owner of a liquor store. Yes, you read that correctly. The Owner of a Liquor Store. His name is Paul and he sent out an email to his peeps (yes, peeps) with a list of discontinued wines that are heavily discounted. Of course, I scoped out every Sauvignon Blanc (I really should start drinking something else. Maybe a nice Pino Grigio for the summer?) and asked him to order me up a bottle of each. Let's face it, I cannot resist a sale. A wine sale? Pshaw! Like I'm turning that sh*t down?

So I picked up my three bottle bounty (yes, bounty) and what do I find? They taste like ass so far. Really. I see why they're discontinued. This is not the joyous New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc treat that I was expecting. This is ass in a bottle.

But, because I'm dedicated, I will drink on. Drink on, dear readers! I am on bottle two and expect that I will uncork (or untwist that handy little screwtop cap) bottle three on Friday.

You'd all be happy to know that I am planning a wine tasting event for my sorority alumnae group. And who better to be at the helm of such an occasion?! I mean, really....

Thirty-two bottles (ok, that's a rough estimate) of Sauvignon Blanc down... many more to go....

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Anonymous said...

I have to say, if it has a screw off top...probably gonna skip it altogether! Good luck with the rest of your bounty.