Sunday, July 8, 2007

A Few Random Things

Only I could douse my body with insect repellant and still get eaten alive by mosquitoes.

Also, I saw lightening bugs tonight! Growing up in the Bay Area, I never saw a lightening bug. We didn't have the opportunity to catch them in jars or whatever. However, my sister, Ashley, and I used to catch worms after it rained.

And finally, my pal Jenelle sent me an email letting me know that she was cleaning house and found a bunch of things that I was welcome to take because they reminded her of me:
  1. A free car wash coupon
  2. A bottle of unopened, cheap vodka
  3. A partially used bottle of Aveda shampoo
If this is what one thinks of when they think of me, I must be making quite the impression. One of a mildly drunk girl who has lovely smelling hair and drives a dirty car.

I love it.

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