Wednesday, July 25, 2007


So. The Crush/The Ass and I are officially over. Finito. No mas.

It ended rather anticlimactically (is that a word) - he called me Sunday night and apologized profusely. Gave weird (like REALLY weird- implausible weird) reasons why he was unable to call me on Saturday (when he STOOD ME UP!). Asked me to call him from Ohio (btw, I'm in Ohio). I called. Left a message. Haven't heard back. So today, in a display of pure wussiness, I sent him an email.

Yeah, yeah, I know. An email. But here's the thing, y'all - it's sort of been talked to death between him and I before. We've had some weird issues that most couples (if we ever were actually considered such a thing!) don't experience in the first three months of dating. And so with me being the overtalker/oversharer, etc. that I am, I've tried to be really open and talk about issues as they arose. It obviously hasn't done much good. So I didn't really feel like having another exhausting conversation about the whole thing. So I carefully composed an email that I thought was fair, well thought out and essentially said that if things remained the status quo, I didn't think it was a good situation. Though I did offer him the opportunity to suggest how we might make it right.

How did he respond?

Four sentences:

You make a good point. This probably won't work. This type of thing happens too often regardless of blame: earrings, the talk on Thursday, the Saturday thing, and your periodic angry text messages, emails, and voicemails. Take care.

Wow. Thank you. Really. For exemplifying EXACTLY why this was over. Way to take ZERO responsibility for anything. Like standing me up, disappearing for days at a time, lying and in general being someone completely untrustworthy and kind of a pompous, immature, inexperienced ass. Hence the name (The Ass). And if any angry message of any sort was ever left, it was because of the behavior described above. And I wouldn't call them angry. More like sarcastic and biting.

So there you have it. It's done.

And truthfully, I feel like a HUGE weight has been lifted off my shoulders. So if anyone is available, I'm free for cocktails tonight to celebrate.


Sizzle Pizzle said...

Men are jerks. Big jerks.

Wish I was closer so I could go out for drinks!

Heidi said...

Bummer. But he sounded like a pompous ass any way so, you are much better off. If I loved closer I would totally meet you for a drink.

"The D" said...

You're better than that d-bag.

Remember God gave us (men) muscles not brains. He gave the brains to the women.

That's a fact, JACK!

Kerry said...

oh that's too bad Shea. I'd have a drink with you if I was there!

Aaron said...

I'd buy you a drink. Men are pigs. Let me say "Oink."