Monday, June 18, 2007


  1. I'm in King of Prussia. The most amazing mall ever is right across the street from my hotel. In fact, I'm looking at Neiman Marcus as I type. Nordstrom Rack is down the street. Yes, Nordstrom Rack. Mama's gonna buy some new shoes.
  2. Crush status: fantastic. We've communicated our expectations and while I'm not giving details so not to jinx anything, just know that things are good and I am really happy.
  3. The Crush and I went to dinner this weekend at Bonefish Grill. As we were leaving, I slipped and bit it right in front of the hostess desk. Hard. I looked up at everyone and sort of blurted out, "Time to leave!" I then stood up and bolted for the door. I laughed about this for the next three hours. In fact, I'm laughing right now.
  4. Kerry is driving from Jersey to have dinner with me tonight. Woot! She's bringing her adorable baby, Isabel. I fully intent to hold her for the entire evening.
  5. My haircut looks good. It's confirmed. And yes, I'll post a pic.
  6. My hotel bed is the most comfortable hotel bed ever. I slept like a baby.
  7. I've now lost 8 pounds. Though I did cheat and have a mojito last night. Ok, three.
  8. It's Clinique Bonus Time at Lord & Taylor. I've never been to a Lord & Taylor, but guess what? Yup, there's one across the street. Hello there Moisture Surge moisturizer. You're coming home with me. And the free treasures that your purchase will bring.
  9. Jill and I totally rocked an estate sale this weekend. Jill made out like a bandit. I made out with three candlesticks that apparently can't hold candle's because they're a fire hazard. Yeah. How does that work?

Ok. Must go now. More later.

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