Friday, June 8, 2007


I forgot that I had been invited to another NYC party this weekend. I just now checked my email again to see what it was about and nearly peed my pants laughing.

Do you remember this Jeremy Jackson kid? Let me refresh your memory:

Why hello there, HOBIE FROM BAYWATCH.

Oh how I wish I could hop on a plane to New York and spend the weekend at all of these ridiculous events. These can't remain untouched by ACGIK. It's just not right...


"The D" said...

So what is stoping you?

Just drop the pug off at a friends, say when you will get back (I'd bring them back a nice tee shirt, but thats just me).

Call a few times a day (cause people worry).

And bam! Your back in Wichita my 8 on Monday, with a bunch of blog stories and pics.

I've done it, but I went to Chicago, made hotel reservations while in the air.


Aaron said...

Awww, it's Hobie Buchanan! There were many-a-day spent watching Pam Anderson bounce down the beach. Good times.