Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Help, please

Hey y'all...

So, I'm interviewing Jenn from The Real World - Denver on Friday. It's part of a series of Real World interviews that I'll be doing over at MTV Reality World.

So if you happen to watch the show or caught her on The Inferno, I'm opening up the floor. Is there anything that you would ask her if you had the chance?

I'll ask just about anything as long as I can blame it on "a fan."


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Erin said...

oh wow, I feel pressure as someone who did/is watch both shows to contribute a meaningful question. I guess though - the real question would be how their relationships are now they are out of the house - esp. her & the other girls. And to see if she got back w/ her boyfriend. Ummm, why she over waxes her eyebrows?