Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Gag Reflex

Disclaimer: This is a totally disgusting post. You've been forewarned.

Something is wrong with my tonsils. More specifically, there are these giant cavity things in them that occasionally collect junk. I can't talk about it too much because it makes me kind of sick to just think about. And I have, like, the world's strongest gag reflex. Just talking about things like loogies (ohhhhhh yuck) or phlegm.... Well, then there's the gagging and sometimes, just upon discussing something, I've thrown up a little.

Back to the holes in my tonsils. Usually, I have to clean out this odd little batch of stuff that's gathered in there. This makes me gag and then barf every time. Never fails. Usually this is because I have to stick something in the back of my throat to accomplish the task. Sometimes it's just because I find this whole ordeal thoroughly disgusting.

So right now I can feel that something is lodged in a tonsil, only I can't see it when I look in the mirror. But I can feel it. And sometimes there's this distinctive taste in my mouth that makes me thing, yup, it's that time.

Ok, I can't blog about it anymore. If you haven't barfed already, I think I might make it up for you right now....

Ugggggh. Please make it stop!!!!!

(For the record, this has been looked at by a doctor who claimed that this isn't uncommon at all.)


Susan said...

Actually, this has happened to me every now and again.


Erin said...

I don't think I'm experienced enough w/ tonsils... how do you clean them out? Is it even possible to explain without puking a little?

Mulysa said...

you should get some of those really long swabs from a doctors office and use those to clean them out.

trust me. there are worse things.

my exhusband has this "plug" of flesh about the size of a pea that grows behind his ear and a couple times a year has to be popped like a zit..

now that's gross.

emawkc said...

Is tonsil removal a possibility?

Terry said...

I have the same thing, and also the same overdramatically sensitive gag reflex....My doctor offered 3 solutions

1. cleaning, which you obviously already attempt-makes me barf too!
2. have them zapped with electrodes, causing the tonsils to shrink... this ensures the crevice to open up and not act as a storage bin.
3. tonsilectomy.

I have actually spent hours trying to "clean" my tonsils and manage to end up with a scratched and bloody throat, but when its time...A girl's gotta do.....you know