Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Eek! I've been tagged! 8 Random Things About Me

So I guess I'm it. Or if this was a game of duck, duck, goose, I'd be the goose. EMAWKC totally just tagged me. I now have to tell y'all eight random things about me, which you should pretty much be used to right about now. Jenelle tells me that this blog is basically a list of the random crap running through my brain anyway...

So let's get to it:

  1. I once worked the door at a fashion show in Venice. California, not Italy. I was really bad at it because I had no idea who was "somebody" and who was "nobody." Except for one guy from General Hospital and another guy from Passions. They were somebody enough for me.
  2. I once at a spoonful of nasty things for five dollars on a school field trip.
  3. I own a gravy boat, which has never been used. I just like knowing that I have one should the occasion rise.
  4. I was sophomore class vice-president. Sort of by default. I ran unopposed. Which either means that I either intimidated the heck out of the competition or no one else wanted the crappy job.
  5. I can beat Super Mario Brothers on the first try.
  6. I like the smell of bleach.
  7. I came in second on a game show on the PAX network. Which I don't think even exists anymore.
  8. I did Jazzercise last night. How amazingly 80's is that? I only wished I'd been wearing a leotard and a sweat band.

So there you have it. And because I now get to be the tagger, Erin, The D, Rachael, Sizzle Pizzle and Heidi... you're it.

(Sidenote: for those of you that I owe interview questions, expect them in your respective inboxes this weekend)


Kerry said...

i did jazzercize all last year in CA. it rocked, baby.
you go girl.

"The D" said...

Done and Done!