Wednesday, June 6, 2007


The power went off at work today. The emergency generator kicked on and then - poof - everything went black.

My laptop was working thanks to the battery, but anyone without a laptop was pretty much screwed. of course, having your laptop work when everything around you is almost pitch black doesn't really do much good.

After a field trip through the complex to another building (that had power), a ride on an elevator (where Linda B. and I prayed we would get stuck because we thought it might be funny and adventurous), and a long walk back (with fingers crossed that the power was still off), my cool boss said I could take off and work from home since it was pretty much useless to stay.

It's insanely windy today. Like 50 MPH winds. I tried rather foolishly to take a picture, but of course, you can't SEE wind. So instead I took a picture of Lola looking outside at the wind.

Ok, now time to WORK.

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Erik said...

It was insanely windy in Denver as well. Our weather forecast said "hurricane force winds". They tend to pick up speed as they roll down off the mountains.