Thursday, June 7, 2007

Being Single Really Can Be Fabulous

Well, since it looks like I'm going to remain a party of one, I thought I'd make a list of fun things I could do with all of this free, blissful, single time.

So here we go...
  1. Make a quiche. I have no idea how, but surely Ina could teach me.
  2. Read saucy chick lit by the pool.
  3. Travel. And by travel, I mean vacation. The Non Crush believed that real travelers were people who, like, stayed in hostels and slummed it for a few weeks like the locals. It's a good thing this didn't work out because he obviously didn't get that I need at LEAST three star accommodations. Under no circumstances will I share a bathroom. Random hairs make me nauseous. Anyway, I am thinking of checking out Chicago or meeting my mom in NYC for another shopping extravaganza. Maybe I could rent a convertible and take a road trip through New England. With a scarf in my hair. And go to clam bakes. Geez, number three is a doozie.
  4. Watch quaint independent films that no one else likes but me.
  5. Plant some flowers and (hopefully) remember to water them.
  6. Write my book.
  7. Take tennis lessons.
  8. Be a superstar at work. Less distractions without a crush to invade one's thoughts.
  9. Try every Sauvignon Blanc at the liquor store.
  10. Audition for community theater.
  11. Sit in my underwear in my air conditioned apartment and give myself a pedicure.
  12. Go to a movie. Alone. I've always wanted to have the courage to do that.
  13. Go on some dates with men who aren't lacking respect or consideration. And are maybe even really hot.
  14. Do the eight Windsor Pilates DVDs that I bought off TV. Thanks Daisy Fuentes.
  15. Brush up on my Spanish. Save my pennies for a trip to Barcelona.
  16. Watch all three Godfather movies in a row.
  17. Walk the Pug.


Sizzy Siz said...

amen to that!

**my word verification for this comment: i lez you


Erik said...

Having grown up in New England, I highly recommend that you save that trip for the fall folliage season. Take the famous Kangamangus in New Hampshire. It's amazing. And as for clambakes... stop by Anthony's Seafood in Middletown, RI (very close [minutes] to famous destination Newport, RI). I worked there for 5 years. They'll treat you well! Also, while in Newport, visit the International Tennis Hall of Fame, which is where I grew up playing tennis with (and being a ball boy for) the pros. My coach from high school used to be the pro at the Hall of Fame, and could possible arrange for you to hit some balls on center court... a very surreal experience.

"The D" said...

Being single IS fabulous!

We can do whatever we want!

Erin said...

Dang - other comment didn't work!

Add watching chick flicks to your list! And not shaving!

And we totally need to go to Barcelona together - but don't worry about studying the Spainish, it's worthless in Barcelona. It's like a whole 'nother country.

Laura said...

ooh, definitely go see a movie by yourself. I did that for the first time last year when Pirates 2 came out. Hubby works at a winery on occasion up in the Santa Ynez valley and I went with him, but got bored, so I went and saw a movie to kill time. It was totally not as scary as I thought.