Saturday, May 5, 2007

With a Cherry on Top?

Earlier today, I stopped by Sonic for a diet cherry Coke. Sometimes they put a cherry right at the top and sometimes they don't.

I nursed the drink all day long, pulling it out of the fridge for a swig. Finally, it got really watered down and I decided it was time to cut my losses.

I poured it in the sink and right on top of the little pile of crushed ice was a perfect little cherry.

I cannot properly express my delight.

My night sucked. But at least I got a cherry.


Aaron said...

I'm still sort of pissed that there are no Sonic's in San Diego...but they still show us the commercials, taunting us at ever turn. So evil.

Laura said...

One of the reasons Kansas can actually be considered cooler than Cali - you have a Sonic! I wish we had one...