Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Watch Veronica Mars

My favorite show ever is Veronica Mars. Despite preconceived notions that it's for tweens, the show is intelligent, witty, suspenseful and has some of the best writing... EVER. I kid you not. Just ask my pal Jill who has been converted (thanks to a six hour DVD marathon). It's good stuff.

There are only five episodes left this season and rumors are flying that it will be cancelled, even though fans rallied together to distribute over 30,000 fliers in major markets this past weekend. See, the fans are resourceful. Do you think the fans of such a brilliant show would go down without a fight?

We'll they're not. And I'm not. Hence my feeble plea. PLEASE watch the next five episodes of Veronica Mars - starting tonight. Give it a chance. Heck, just watch one and if you really hate it, well, keep it to yourself. But if you like it, and you feel like supporting a show with FAR many redeeming qualities than, say, The Search for the Next Pussycat Doll, keep watching. And tell a few of your friends... Ya see?

Ok, it's on now here in Central Time. Must go.

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Aaron said...

VM is a Tuesday night must! I love Kristin Bell (so hot!) and the show is very well written. Not to mention, it's filmed at State. Woot!