Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Veronica Mars is my Hero

You really ought to watch Veronica Mars tonight. Paul Rudd is guest starring and, well, Paul Rudd is kinda hot.

If I can't entice you with hot men, I've got nothin' left.

Update: Variety just posted an interview with Veronica Mars creator Rob Thomas. It looks like there may still be a glimmer of hope for our favorite teenage gumshoe:

It may take a certain amount of time travel, but "Veronica Mars" could be back on the CW schedule for 2007-08, despite ongoing conventional wisdom suggesting otherwise.

"We're very much on the bubble," showrunner Rob Thomas said. "I will say that the reports of our demise have been exaggerated. We are very much in the hunt for a shot next year.

"I think I've read in every paper across the country -- USA Today declared us dead, the L.A. Times declared us dead. I don't think we're dead; I kind of like our chances."

Source: Variety.com

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Erin said...

And, Paul Rudd is from KS.