Sunday, May 6, 2007

Tornado Alley

The tornado sirens went on during church and they sent us home. As an expert in earthquakes and a tornado novice, I cried the whole way home. Pathetic, probably, but it really shook me up. Don't tell my mom. She'll worry.

Historically, tornados tend to pass right by Wichita (aside from the deadly tornado that went through Andover, a Wichita suburb, in 1991). And I like to remind myself of that as much as possible. Of course, whenever tornados in Kansas are on the news, my dad calls me to make sure I'm ok, which is really pretty cute.

A tornado completely distroyed the town of Greensburg, Kansas on Friday, killing eight and injuring dozens more. It's a small town of 1,400, but they are all homeless now. Below is a picture of the devastation.

Update - the tornado warning has been cancelled for Sedgwick county (where I live). Huge sigh of relief. Now I'm just hoping that the rest of the day stays calm...

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Jennifer said...

I was thinking about you when word of the tornados hit the rest of civilization. Glad you're safe. And it's wonderful to have you back on the blog wagon again!