Monday, May 14, 2007

My Birthday in HOTLANTA!

Let me introduce you to Crazy Train Man (note the floral print hammer pants, white socks and black shoes). I had the pleasure of sitting across from him on the train from the airport to my hotel (which, by the way, is amazing, but more on that later). As soon as I saw him, I knew that he needed to be commemorated on this here blog thing.

Anyway, I'm on the train and THIS walked in.

And then he took out a brush and proceeded to brush his mullett. I almost died from holding in my giggles. Then he pulled out a cell phone circa 1996 and called someone and loudly asked if they'd gotten their test results back (this was later revealed to be diabetes testing, much less lurid than what I'd been entertaining). And then he giggled about how he wasn't going to get into specifics because he was on the train, but remember when friend on the other end of the line got that thing stuck once? And then loud and hysterical laughing.

Hopefully my Blackberry photo does him justice. He truly was the highlight of my travels.

Ok, the hotel - I'm sharing a three bedroom suite with two other co-workers on the 45th floor. We have concierge lounge access - free water, soda, snacks, etc. all day long. Plus, our suite is sooo fancy. I'll take pics tomorrow (too sleepy tonight).

I went to dinner with a large group of co-workers. One of my absolute favorites decided that he was going to tell the waiter that it was my birthday. I had ice cream and blew out a candle and got to wear a glow necklace. It was amazing. And everyone kept wishing me a happy birthday, to which I alternated between saying "Thanks" and telling the truth.

Anyway, I thought that Crazy Train Man might start your Tuesday on a delightfully nutty note.


"The D" said...

I don't like you making fun of my daddy like that!

Do you have any idea how long it took him to grow out that mullet?

Welcome to Atlanta whre the mullets roam free!

Aaron said...

So when you say a cellphone circa 1996, are we talking the Zack Morris type?

You definitely made my Tuesday. Although working at the "W", it don't take much to amuse me. :)

emawkc said...

I think you've spotted and photographed the elusive indigenous Atlantian. While not rare in their range, they tend to stay in their habitats of trailer parks and tract housing, buut they are known to venture out into more advanced economic areas in search of six-packs and double quarter pounders with cheeses.

Jennifer said...

You mean you get to raid the hotel room fridge and eat a $20 bag of 9 chips? How awesome is that!

Frantastic said...

Wow! He makes Kansans look sophisticated. We didn't even see anyone that crazy at Riverfest!

Rachael said...

AAAGGHH!!! You were here?? And I missed you?? Happy Birthday!! Next time you're in the ATL - let me know! There is lots to see besides the crazy man, you know!