Wednesday, May 23, 2007

King of Prussia?

I found out yesterday that I'm heading to the Philly area next month. More specifically, I'll be hanging out in King of Prussia, which is just the craziest name for a city.

But I am really excited about this trip. Why, you ask? Because King of Prussia is home to the nation's second largest shopping mall (ironically, the trip was initially going to be to Minneapolis - Mall of America, anyone?).

I've already made a list of the stores that I must visit, since Wichita is seriously lacking in the retail department:

Urban Outfitters
J. Crew
Crate and Barrel
Apple Store
Sephora (must get eye pencil for Jill. I had a freakin' dream about this eye pencil)

This mall is so giant that there are TWO Starbucks.

I will be in training all day long, but oh how glorious the evenings will be! I never check my luggage anymore, but I am bringing a second suitcase for this trip. I can't wait!

Other good things about my visit to King of Prussia - my high school BFF, Kerry, is only an hour away in New Jersey and we're hoping to get together. Also, my favorite co-worker, Linda B., is going too. And she is ridiculously fun, so I know it will be amazing


Aaron said...

Another good thing: Philly Cheesesteaks. MmmMmm good!

cam said...

what am I? chopped liver?!?
no shout out for camille, 2.5 hours away who is willing to drive the distance just for a hour of dinner with you? ouch. no love for chopped liver.

laura said...

Sounds like fun. I just went to the mall near my work today at lunch and couldn't believe how many new stores there were - all those on your list, with the exception of Nordstrom, which is being constructed as we speak. So much better than the mall where I live.

Kerry said...

wow, that mall rocks! hey- how bouta little reunion- if cam can come up!