Monday, May 21, 2007

Good Things

Today's list of good things is brought to you by the letter C. For Cheetos.

  1. Cheetos
  2. Banana milkshakes
  3. Cashmere sweaters from Gap for $8.97 each!
  4. The way Lola sits like she's a person
  5. Lipstick Jungle by Candace Bushnell (read it this past week - it's GOOD)
  6. Bunco
  8. Google chat
  9. This really cute house that I want to buy
  10. Argyle socks
  11. DirecTV
  12. Friends that you can cook for and enjoy a bottle of wine with - no drama, no pettiness, just good conversation and good company
  13. My mom. She rocks.
  14. Gold stars. My boss actually gives them to me because I told him they would be motivating.
  15. Naps
  16. Knitting
  17. Late spring evenings with a perfect breeze (ok, so full on wind if you're not from Kansas) and not too many nasty bugs
  18. Caprese salad
  19. Bamboo Pink lipstick from Clinique - the first lipstick that actually looks good on my giant lips
  20. My three sisters. I could not ask for better siblings.


"The D" said...

In K.C. that house will run you 150.

Direct TV with TiVo is best!

Kerry said...

that house is adorable. the 1 bath could be a drag when guests come, but omg the price. i blinked a few times b/c i could not believe it.
CA really warps you.

laura said...

Wow, you really should buy that house! It's adorable! I wish I could get a house for that price. We paid 6x that for a crappy fixer upper, and we're still fixing it up 3 years later...ugh... :(

Frantastic said...

Thanks for putting me on your list!
That really is a cute house--but it is sooo far away!