Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Drama for yo Mama, Pt II

Let's say, hypothetically speaking, that you are into a guy (and he seems to be quite into you) who happens to be good friends with a former friend that you had been having some drama with and who (whom?) you are no longer speaking with because of her immaturity, selfishness and lack of respect. If you followed that, I'm impressed.

And let's say that you know for a fact that she's been discussing the matter with the aforementioned guy. And you suspect that she hasn't exactly been... kind. And let's say that you have maybe avoided discussing the situation with him because you really think your issues with her should be kept separate and you also don't want to go into a ranting bitch session over the whole thing. They have been friends far longer than you have known him (like... a month) so clearly there are some loyalties there and you don't really want to put him in an even more awkward position.

The downside to this "being the bigger person" theory seems to be the fact that his perspective of you might not be entirely accurate if he's being fed all sorts of subjective tidbits from her. And yet, you hold your ground and remain mum on the subject because you really, really don't see the point in complicating this situation even further.

So this, um, hypothetical situation might be getting to you and sort of hijacking your mind during the day as your curiosity runs overtime and you (of course) over-analyze every single piece of this mess.

The guy seems to not be letting her change his opinion of you, but you can't help but think that some of her negativity might eventually rub off the more that they talk. Ultimately, their friendship makes you incredibly uneasy and you're kind of thinking that you might just want to cut your losses and run. But then, are you letting your own insecurities get in the way of what could really be a good thing? Or are you so soured by the break-up of your friendship and it's rippling effect on everything around you that you'd almost welcome a fresh start with no drama attached?

So, yeah... Hypothetically speaking, the girl in this hypothetical situation could really use some hypothetical advice. Please!


"The D" said...

This girls fears are unfounded. If the dude had any sense he would not make any opinions of this girl just because of rumor or innuendo.

On a side - Glad your back. And thanks for the link to my blog. Do you mind if I link to you? It's only good blog etiquette.

ol Doc said...

Hypothetically, the hypothetical guy would know his friend of longer standing and would probably hypothetically speaking take into account the sort of person she is and as he is hypothetically getting to know the other hypothetical girl-type friend, he would see someone who is not a gossip, not mean spirited, not childishly talking behind the back of any other hypothetical longer termed "friend" and he could therefor probably draw his own conclusions as to which person he would be hypothetically drawn to and would like to get to know better. Hypothetically. As Granny always said, "Take the high road, dearie - you meet such a better class of person there!"

Jennifer said...

I have to agree with the doc. I'd have to maintain the "better person" stand. The hypothetical guy is truly only worth my time if he draws his own conclusions. And as doc said. If he's known this other hypothetical estranged friend for a long time, he already knows how she is.