Thursday, May 24, 2007

Dating. Argh.

I'm not very good at dating. Not good at all. Relationships I can do. Dating... impossible.

There are just so many... rules. None of which make a lot of sense to me and basically I just get confused and start to panic.

Do you call? Do you not call? How long are you supposed to wait before you can call? How forward is too forward and how aloof is too aloof? I think I end up confusing guys by being super aloof with some awkward forwardness thrown in for good measure. This does not make for an easy start to anything.

And then there's the overanalyzing. And who doesn't overanalyze at the early stage of something romantic-like? The mental playback of the last time you hung out together, analyzing frame by frame, word by word. "Did he really mean (fill in the blank)?"

And if we go several days without talking, I write it off. Decide that I must have scared him away with the Pug talk or the reality tv watching or the affinity for shopping at Target for hours at a time.

But if he calls, my faith in the situation is instantly restored and I'm glowing and excited and giggly.

The worst part of it all is that the more you date, the more cautious you become. And neurotic. And it becomes much easier to write someone off quickly because let's face it, you're not doing this for grins anymore. You're not up for a temporary fling. It's not high school where you just want to hang out with a cute boy and hold hands on the way to honors english. You're looking for The Guy. The grand finale. The one that you will hopefully wake up next to thirty years down the road.

I suppose the only way to get through dating is to have faith. Have faith that The Guy (or Girl) is out there somewhere. And with each failed relationship, you're one step closer to finally meeting them and putting all of this nonsense behind you. Must be patient. Must have faith. Must try to not overanalyze too much.

Most importantly, remember that you make friggin' good company. And hanging out with yourself is certainly not a bad deal. So make yourself a nice dinner and pop open a good bottle of wine and watch a silly movie and just be happy that you are who you are. And when He joins you someday, you'll be ready.

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"The D" said...

Dating SUCKS! I have been doing it longer than you and it never gets easier.

If you want to call him call him. He wants to feel pursued just like you do.