Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Blog Friends

Why do I like blogging, you ask? Why do I like posting pictures of baked goods and crazy men on trains and writing about the awful movies that I watch and discussing my neuroses at length?

Because I totally dig the people - the other bloggers, the lurkers, the regulars. It's pretty fantastic, really.

I mean, without blogging, I wouldn't know that both Laura and Jennifer are totally preggers. And Janet is moving to Davis, which is pretty much my old stomping ground. And Aaron is a star photographer these days. And Heidi and Rachael are two of the coolest moms around. And The D gets amazing packages in the mail and never fails to make me giggle. And now I have a new bloggie friend, Erin, who is only, like a few hours away in Kansas City (which is waaaay cooler than Wichita, y'all. They have an Anthropologie and J. Crew).

Kind of like I tell everyone that I'm bringing the world together, one Pug at a time (sad, but true), perhaps the blogosphere is doing the same thing.


Rachael said...

AWWW. Shea. I am soooo glad to have my Cali Goes Kansas fix everyday. I am trying to talk Janet into going to BlogHer. :-) I say we arrange a Blogger Meetup sometime soon.

"The D" said...

Shea - thanks for the kind words. That's exactly why I blog. I enjoy writing stories about myself and making people laugh or in your case giggle.

But sadly not everything I write is funny but I try.

Heidi said...

You are too sweet. What a nice shout out. I am so glad you are back... I always can count on you for some craziness. The good crazy of course. ;-)

Peace and Love,

Erin said...

Shea! You totally need to come to KC & getting some shopping done - don't forget we have Urban Outfitters too!