Sunday, May 20, 2007

Big Ideas

I always have these big ideas that fizzle into nothingness, which I guess makes me really lame.

Like for awhile, I researched becoming a foster parent because, hey, I have a second bathroom and bedroom and I'm good with kids and I want to make a difference and help people and... I could go on.

Then I was going to adopt a child from Africa. And I am always thinking of new charities to start. And I donate my plasma now for the Red Cross (for free! Remember when I did it for cash when I was unemployed?) because I am apparently a universal donor and they really need help.

And then I think I should write a book. Or at least pitch some freelance ideas to the local paper. Or blog more. Make more money doing it.

And I want to travel more. And maybe adopt more Pugs. And maybe actually meet The Guy somewhere in there.

And somehow with all of these great ideas about how I'm going to save the world and do things that I love, I end up sitting in my office in my underwear blogging about it instead of doing it.

So I was thinking that I would seriously start on one of them - the book idea. And I was thinking I'd publish the first chapter on here. Sort of a sneak preview to see if you all actually like it and if I have potential. Whaddaya think?

Also, I think I forgot to put deoderant on today. Yum.


Laura said...

Bring it on!

Oh, I left with half my makeup on today. No eyeliner, eyeshadow or mascara. Someone has already told me I look tired. :(

heidi said...

I totally would be down for reading it!

You go!

Kerry said...

go girl!
and you are crazy about the pug thing.

Erin said...

omg - we sound too similar. I think we should travel together & then write a book about it. Two birds!