Friday, May 11, 2007

As the Beatles Said, "Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da, LIfe Goes On..."

First of all, thanks y'all for your advice. Much appreciated.

Second, I don't think it's going to work out with the guy. Sinking feeling there. But... oh well. It wasn't far enough along for there to be hurt feelings. The ex-friend sent another email, clearly feeling like she needed to have the last word. I will not dignify it with a response. This time, she was aiming below the belt and I'm not going to participate in that kind of thing. And for those of you who remember from the first incarnation of ACGIK, her name is Carly and she used to be my best friend. C'est la vie, right?

Third, my mom is coming this weekend!!!! I can't wait! It's the second year in a row that she's come to Kansas for Mother's Day. It's entirely coincidental, but fabulous nonetheless. I'm taking her out for pedicures tomorrow morning and making her a faaaaancy dinner on Sunday night. And there will definitely be some time spent at TJ Maxx. Basically - a fantastic weekend of mother/daughter bonding.

Fourth, I'll be in Atlanta all next week for a conference. I'm kinda looking forward to getting away. And not standing outside in the rain praying that Lola will hurry up and pee already (she'll be boarded for the week). And everyone from my department will be there, including those that work across the globe. It's just fun. Long days, but still fun. I'm giving a presentation on a project that I've been managing. I present an hour or so after lunch, so I'm trying to make it at least mildly entertaining. I made my co-worker and pal, Linda, participate in a photoshoot (she was the photographer) so I could at least inject a lil' pizazz into the thing.

Here's a sneak peak:

That's me - up to my neck in paperwork. Sadly, I am entirely too amused by this. Hopefully everyone else will be too. There are a few others to follow, but this is my personal favorite.

Ok, guys. I'm signing off. We'll dish later.


Laura said...

I was wondering if it was Carly. Thanks for divulging, so I don't have to keep wondering :)

I had a falling out with my best friend from high school. We decided it would be fun to be roommates after college - apparently not. She was a psycho roomie.

It stinks when good friendships go awry. Sorry things didn't work out between you two.

Kerry said...

sorry to hear the sad tale...hope you can move on, and fast!
have fun in atlanta. the CocaCola tour is overpriced, but they DO give you free Coke sips on the tour. :)

"The D" said...

Good luck on the show and tell in HOT-lanta. Take some pic and let us know how it goes.

Karen said...

I too was wondering if it was Carly. My bff and I from high school, have sort of become undone after all these years. Over men I think, although perhaps not. I'm ok, she's ok, we're just better apart now.

You will be fine, it's not fun though.

I can't believe you're still in Kansas! I'm proud of you.

I hope you had a great weekend with your mom.

Jennifer said...

I was shocked to learn the former friend was Carly. And you two were so close. Too bad. Hope you and mom had a great "Pamper" day.