Thursday, May 24, 2007

Adopt, people! Adopt!!

I was lucky to find Lola at the city animal shelter. Even luckier to find her on the first day that she was brought in and I put my name down right away. Her owners never claimed her, so after 3 days at the shelter, she was mine. But you know what happens to the animals not adopted or claimed by their owners after three days at the shelter... picture me pretending to slit my throat with my finger.

On Monday, I discovered that the City of Wichita actually posts a list of all pets they've picked up on the previous day. So I've bookmarked this page and I check it every day. Yesterday, they picked up EIGHTEEN dogs and EIGHT cats. And how many of them do you think will live past the three days?

So this is just a shameless plea to check out the animal shelter in your city. If you're thinking of getting a pet, look there first.

And this concludes today's ACGIK public service announcement.

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laura said...

Love the plug. We got our dog at the local shelter as well. My little sister (age 13) checked out their web site every day and finally convinced my parents to get a dog too. She's still addicted to their web site - I think she'd adopt all the dogs if my parents let her :)